Steve Harvey’s Financial Planner, Dr. Roger F. Salter, CFP & CLU, Shares 5 Wealth Secrets

Steve Harvey’s Financial Planner, Dr. Roger F. Salter, CFP & CLU, Shares 5 Wealth Secrets
Dr. Roger F. Salter

Steve Harvey doesn’t have cash flow or investment problems. Neither does NBA Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, nor does national journalist Roland S. Martin. These notables are clients of The Sanmar Financial Network, a global financial planning company that realizes it’s one thing to earn a lot of money, it’s another to keep it, grow it and have something to pass along to your heirs.

The Sanmar Financial Network , composed of independent certified financial planners, attorneys, certified public accountants, MBAs, stockbrokers, bankers, chartered life underwriters, and a newly added speakers bureau, is a one-stop shop for personal and business financial goals.

Since 1974, celebrities and everyday business people alike have relied on Dr. Roger F. Salter, CFP, CLU president and CEO of The Sanmar Financial Network, and the company’s heirs, Roger J. Salter, CFP, Senior Vice President & CMO, and Toi L. Salter, CFP, Certified Financial Planner, to keep their pockets lined. Here, Dr. Salter shares five winning strategies, as well as a sixth video bonus tip, to put you on the right track:

“Most entrepreneurs don’t know what to look for. Most of them don’t have MBAs or advanced degrees. They woke up with an idea and said, ‘Let me see if I can put this idea into action.’ That’s limited exposure. They don’t know what’s behind the scene.

Steve Harvey’s Financial Planner, Dr. Roger F. Salter, CFP & CLU, Shares 5 Wealth Secrets
Dr. Salter shares wealth tips.

It’s important to understand about taxes, to understand about the flow of money and a financial statement.

Get a coach, preferably a certified financial planner who has been trained in all areas from investment to insurance to taxation — all strategies to help you to perform at your best. I have a board of directors. They are my financial coaches.”

“Move up the financial ladder with investments, insurance is your base; insurance is your protection.

If you die, they pay a claim. If you become disabled, they pay a claim. If you want to save some money, they pay that claim. If you’re alive or if you die or if you become disabled or are in long-term care, they pay a claim.

From an economically selfish way, I can [invest in a policy] to put something aside for my family if I don’t make it, or that policy can do a lot for me while I’m alive, and I can give me some of that. Then you can grow your company in other areas.”

Dr. Salter keeps a haunting historical relic of an advertisement for slaves in his grand Chicago office to remind him of his responsibility to be successful and to help others along the way.

“They used to sell us. They sold our ancestors, so we have a responsibility to carry on and not to be used. To form our own businesses and to make an impact on this country, that is the responsibility that we all have. Those people have laid down their lives and went through the struggle. So, we have to survive, and we have a responsibility to carry the torch.”

“I’m a winner. I am determined to win, and I’m determined to get excellence from all of the people around me. The associates must have it within them, and I choose them that way.

It’s very important that [my associates] pay some dues, i.e., educate themselves and do what it takes to separate themselves from the crowd. As a leader, I’m a strong believer in God, I’m honest, I’m real, and I’m fair. To me, that’s very important.”

“Your health is your primary source of wealth, and you need to stay fit to stay focused.
Steve Harvey’s financial planner has defied aging by staying in tip-top shape. “I work out with my trainer twice a week,” Dr. Roger F. Salter beams, “and I weigh every day.”

VIDEO: Watch Dr. Roger F. Salter’s Power Kick!

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