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Toni Braxton Talks ‘Dating Snowflakes,’ Posing Nude and ‘Boobies’

Toni Braxton along with her sisters Tamar and Trina visited Access Hollywood Live on Thursday in lieu of the final episode of their new reality show on WE, “Braxton Family Values.” Of course the number one “hot topic” was the ‘Un-Break My Heart’ singers’ sexy spread for Playboy. Toni was approached recently by the iconic men’s magazine for a “bare-all” photo shoot, but said that although she “feels great” about the offer, she’s hesitant to accept it because of her young sons.”They’ve asked me. I was really flattered,” she told Billy and Kit. “I was going to say yes immediately, but then I said, ‘I have kids and they’re 8 and 9, and they’re going through the booby stage. They’re noticing boobies,” she continued with a laugh. “I don’t want their friends to say, ‘I saw your mom’s boobies in my dad’s bathroom!”  She says that now, but give it a few years, and I’m sure we’ll see Ms. Braxton “laid out.”

Aside from “boobies,” the discussion got even spicier as it quickly panned in on the sultry R&B diva and her dating life. Although many men see Ms. Braxton as the “ultimate catch,” and even after being separated from her husband Keri Lewis for two years now, she simply wants to live the single life. In the interview she tells Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of Access Hollywood, “I’m single. It’s a bit of an adjustment, I’m not really ready to date.”  

Not being ready to date is understandable for someone who has been separated, however Braxton’s mother has something else in mind. She constantly gives her 43 year-old daughter dating advice and even takes heed to a few tips of her own.  “My mom keeps telling me I need to go on the other side of the street because she’s single, and she’s been dating snowflakes,” Toni said “White guys?!” Billy asked. “Yeah. She’s like, ‘Maybe you need to catch yourself a little snowman,'” Toni answered, while her sisters laughed. “I’m like, ‘Mom! Well, maybe…” No offense to all the brothers out there, but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a Brad Pitt or George Clooney type of gentleman on the arm of Toni Braxton just to mix things up, in a good way. Wouldn’t you?

Anyway, check out more of the Braxton sisters here: 

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  1. Lusciousredlips_24 on June 29, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Go for it Toni, a lil snowflakes can’t hurt at all, ain’t nothing wrong with it, I’ve been thinking on that line of thought myself. As a matter of fact I’ve had some offers from some very fine gentlemen (snowflakes) as she calls them. I wish her all the best as a mother to be an example for her two son’s and not do anymore nude layouts for these magazines.