Wiz Khalifa ‘Culturally’ Profiled? ‘Treated Like a Thief’ on $16,000 Shopping Spree

Wiz Khalifa 'Culturally' Profiled? ‘Treated Like a Thief’ on $16,000 Shopping Spree
Wiz Khalifa pictured with girlfriend, Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa recently dropped 16 racks on shoes for his girlfriend, Amber Rose and her family at the expensive Barneys department store. Despite his generous mood, the ‘Roll Up’ rapper was reportedly treated like a thief and was not given assistance from the members of staff. Hmm, I wonder why? *side eye*

A source told Radar Online: “After his spending spree on the shoes, Wiz went up to the ultra expensive men’s department floor, but instead of rolling out the red carpet for him they refused to help the poor guy!”

According to the source, it wasn’t until they were told who he was that they stopped treating Wiz like a thief. “Not only did they fail to recognize him, they thought that he was a thief and treated him like one!”

“It was only when someone pointed out to them who the guy actually was that they back-tracked… somewhat.” Yea, I bet they didn’t deny his credit card through…smh, what a shame. Shame on Barneys! And shame on anybody else who is reading this and does not see what I see. And I don’t know about you, but if I spend $16,000 anywhere, I better have the excellent service I deserve, the store shut down and two bottles of champagne on deck!

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