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‘Green Lantern’ Premieres in Washington, D.C., Moviegoers React

Moviegoers in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area got a chance to preview Green Lantern days before the action flick is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide. Produced by Liquid Soul Media, attendees also received a Green Lantern T-shirt and posters featuring several prominent characters in the film. After the screening, moviegoers shared their thoughts about Green Lantern with rolling out. –amir shaw

Louis — Washington, D.C.

“The movie was exciting. It’s a great film for kids. I enjoyed his transformation from a regular guy to becoming the Green Lantern.”

Shakira — Dominican Republic

“I enjoyed that the super hero fell in love. I didn’t think that he would be that type of guy at first. The 3D effects were also cool. I’m also happy that I received a life-size poster.”

Maurice — Brentwood, Md.

“The movie was on point, and it also has a good message to it. You have to overcome your fears and not let [them] affect you negatively.”

Leslie — Baltimore, Md.

“The movie was great. I’m looking forward to it becoming a sequel. The action and 3D component [were] also pretty good.”