Reggie Wells Launches New Makeup Line, ‘Hissyfit’

Reggie Wells Launches New Makeup Line, 'Hissyfit'
James Vincent introducing Reggie Wells at the key note seminar

Reggie Wells … the man who has painted one of the most famous faces in the world … Oprah Winfrey. Wells has worked with Winfrey for 25 years and has done every issue of O magazine. But it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get there.

During Wells’ seminar at The Makeup Show in Chicago, June 12 and 13, he talked about his journey into the beauty industry. Starting his career as an art teacher and then venturing on into the beauty industry. Wells started working for the department store Macy’s, where he met a model who one day walked past his makeup counter and complimented his work. Wells had no idea that someone has been watching his work, for he had only been working at Macy’s for a short period of time. The model asked Wells to be her makeup artist for a test shoot with anther photographer and Wells agreed. He was paid $100 for the first photo shoot … much more then he was currently being paid at his job at Macy’s. He had no idea who this model was, and was asked back to do another shoot with her and the same photographer for an advertisement. Wells later found out that the advertisement was for Jordache Jeans and he earned $700 for each ad.

Reggie Wells Launches New Makeup Line, 'Hissyfit'
Reggie Wells demonstrates how to use the Hissyfit clockpot

Wells stressed in his seminar that “It’s all about sacrifices.” Sometimes you have to say no to partying with your friends and stay in and network, book photo shoots, and excel in your career. He also said that “50 percent of being a makeup artist is talent and 50 percent is personality.” You have to learn to switch up your personality and cater it toward each individual client.

Reggie Wells Launches New Makeup Line, 'Hissyfit'
The Hissyfit face clockpot

Wells also had a chance to showcase his new makeup line, Hissyfit, and his newest product, the  clockpot. The clockpot is a copper colored pot that is available in foundation, blush, and eyeshadow shades. Hissyfit was named after an inspiration, not a “moment.” The mission is to create beauty products to be empowering, educational and easy-to-use, not fussy or complicated, taking the guesswork out of the beauty regimen. It was specially made so that the committed woman could emerge not only more beautiful, but more confident. You can purchase Hissyfit products as –mckenzie harris

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