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New Birth Burglary Suspect Says He’s Innocent; Bishop Long Claims He Helped Lawsuit Accusers

Anthony Boyd, a former security guard at Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, is due in court for his alleged involvement in a robbery of Long’s office last year.

Boyd is being accused by the suburban Atlanta mega-church of using his position to allow Maurice Robinson  and Anthony Flagg, two of the four men who accused Long of sexual coercion, into his office to swipe expensive items. The former security guard maintains his innocence.
“Now, since I’m the last man standing, they’re trying to make me the victim,” he says.
Boyd believes that Robinson and Flagg committed the robbery mainly to procure valuable evidence to present to their lawyer B.J. Bernstein to build a case against Long in court.
Boyd has extra incentive to clear his name: Because of the incident and impending trial, he hasn’t had much luck securing employment.
“The only thing I want done is to have Maurice Robinson [and] Anthony Flagg to appear in court on the 28th just to let them know that I wasn’t involved,” he says
terry shropshire