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Maxwell, Chris Brown, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson: the New vs. Old School

Every era of music features singers who leave an unforgettable mark on their generation. In honor of Black Music Month, we have compiled a list of several musicians who are following in the footsteps of the legends before them. –amir shaw

Maxwell vs. Marvin Gaye: Marvin Gaye was the ultimate poet who could make women quiver with his voice and also sing about social ills without losing credibility in either department. Maxwell’s music lacks Gaye’s strong critique of society, but he comes close to being the quintessential ladies’ man.

Raphael Saadiq vs. Sam Cooke: Sam Cooke’s gospel and blues roots were strong influences on his music. His love songs were stirring, but his greatest moment was the contemplative hit “A Change Is Gonna Come.” Raphael Saadiq often channels the retro sounds of the ’60s and it’s not hard to imagine Cooke singing Saadiq’s “Good Man.”

Anthony Hamilton vs. Al Green: Gospel music and life in the South were key components of Al Green’s music. Anthony Hamilton’s Southern gentleman approach and gospel-like melodies arereminiscent of Green in his heyday.

Chris Brown vs. Michael Jackson: It’s almost blasphemous to compare any human being to Michael Jackson when considering what he did as a pop culture icon. Although Chris Brown remains light years away from Jackson’s legacy, his combination of vivid dance moves and pop songs makes him a condensed version of the King of Pop.

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  1. ItGirl on June 22, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Yeah, these new school artists have nothing on the old school ones. Nice try though.