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How to Rate Yourself in Relationships

A major problem in the dating world is there aren’t enough people willing to give themselves an honest self-evaluation. This lack of internal honesty starts to create a problem when the advances of deserving people are dismissed with phrases like “I can’t be with them. They aren’t on my level.”

Now, in some instances, I can agree with such an assertion. For example, if Lester from “227″ starting putting the moves on Halle Berry, then I wouldn’t be mad at her for saying that. (That thick mustache alone should disqualify him.)

But in most cases, there is no Halle Berry in the equation. Instead, it’s just people who undeservedly place themselves on a Halle Berry- or Brad Pitt-like pedestal where they unfairly look down on others. Case in point, I have an associate who truly believes that she’s a “dime.” She’s even gone so far as to put “certified-dyme” in her email address just to remind everyone of her perceived dime status.

On a certain level, I can appreciate her high level of confidence, and even applaud her unwavering belief in self. The only problem is that there just aren’t many facts to support her position. Let me run down her stats for you:

1. She’s not very attractive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2. She’s not in good shape.
3. She’s only borderline successful.
4. She has a really bad attitude.

In short, she’s the anti-dime (not trying to be mean, just stating facts.) But even with all of those strikes against her, she still consistently turns down decent guys since they aren’t “a dime like she is.”(her words, not mine.) She’s not alone though, as this type of thing happens ALL THE TIME.

So what am I saying?

Do I think people should lower their dating standards? Absolutely not. I just think that more people should be honest with their own rating before they determine what that standard is. Make sense?

My sister recently sent me a video that provides a perfect explanation of this idea. After watching the video, cast your vote and share your thoughts with me on the subject of date ratings.

Disclaimer: This is pretty funny stuff.

**DeWayne Rogers is the author of The Fly Guy Chronicles … love advice will never be the same.

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  1. Anonymous on June 23, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    nice article but i’ve learned a long time ago that the man complaining about female’s standards are men that would never rise up to meet them so they preach that we lower ours for their benefits while they still hold the dream of being denzel when you are really willie who has a facebook or twitter account where he sprouts off delusions of grandeur.