Long-Nail Trend: Are You Over It?

Long-Nail Trend: Are You Over It?
Runway models sporting the long nail trend

Short, kempt and neatly polished nails once fit the definition of “ladylike.”  But the wild and creative nail designs seen on the runway are turning our heads and making us think otherwise. We can’t give the runway models all the credit. Celebs like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Fantasia have adopted this trend, too.

It may not be safe to call this long-nail epidemic a “trend” quite yet. The style is starting to stick, and many women have chosen to rock these super-long talons in attention-grabbing metallics, bright summer hues, shattered effects and even 3D designs.

Long-Nail Trend: Are You Over It?
Keri Hilson

We are all for nail exploration, but do you think lengthy nails should stick around? Or, is time to file this trend down and take it back to the classic, short manicured days?

Check out some celebrity nail art below, and keep in mind some other refreshing summer nail trends as well.  –mckenzie harris

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