12 Things to Do for the Fourth of July When You Have Nothing to Do

12 Things to Do for the Fourth of July When You Have Nothing to Do

Although I have lived in my city for a very long time, I don’t have any extended family or many friends here. It’s not uncommon that a holiday draws near, and I find myself without an invitation to a party, dinner or cookout. If you are in the same boat, you are not alone. Many people find themselves trying to figure out what to do for holidays, especially during a time when costs are too high and funds are too low to join the millions of travelers and revelers. It is what it is.

If you have the nerve, you can pick up the phone, call someone and invite yourself to their house. They may be too ashamed to tell you no, or they may make up an excuse for why they don’t want your company. However, if you do call, you can avoid the empty phrases that may come your way after the holiday is over. “Oh, you didn’t have anything to do? I was sure you had other plans! That’s why I didn’t ask you to come over.” OK, yeah, right, whatever…

People get depressed when holidays come, and they have nothing to do. Don’t get depressed. Change how you look at holidays. Change your expectations, and you’ll be fine. Maybe by the next holiday, you can check into some social groups or clubs in your community or connect with an acquaintance who’s like you and begin to create your own traditions. Besides, holidays come and go so fast, they really are not as big a deal as you might be tempted to make them.

Here are some suggestions for those who are looking for something to do for the Fourth of July, and, remember, this holiday is also called Independence Day. What better day to practice independence!:

  • Have an Anyway Picnic. You may not have a lot of people or hustle and bustle, but have a picnic anyway. On Memorial Day, the day was nearly over when I grabbed my daughter, my toddler grandson who was visiting, a blanket, a book, some chicken, bread, deli potato salad, fruit cups and a bottle of apple juice out of the fridge and headed for the park. The children played, I read, and we ate. It was a beautiful day.
  • Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home or charity.
  • Complete a project at home that you haven’t had time to do or work on your hobbies.
  • Get some great snacks and a stack of movies.
  • Go to a movie you’ve been wanting to see and splurge on some popcorn.
  • Make some progress on books that you’ve started and never finished.
  • Catch up on your sleep, especially if you’re always working hard.
  • Step up on your socializing and get caught up on Facebook and Twitter. Skype or call your old friends.
  • Check out local listings for free or inexpensive events, and end the day with a bang of fireworks.
  • Clean up an area in your community that needs it.
  • Make a box of sandwiches and go pass them out to the homeless.
  • Go sightseeing. Pick a few places you’ve always been curious about in your area, and go there!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy! It’s “business as usual” the next day. –arnell pharr

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