President Obama’s Daughter Becomes a Teen: 3 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Adolescence

President Obama's Daughter Becomes a Teen: 3 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Adolescence

President Barack Obama could face his most difficult challenge thus far. He’s now the parent of a teenager. Along with participating in festivities for the Fourth of July, the Obama family also celebrated the birthday of their eldest daughter Malia who turned 13 years-old on Monday.

During a recent interview, President Obama spoke about his daughters growing up. “I could not ask for better kids,” he said. “I’m not anticipating complete mayhem for the next four or five years. But I understand teenage-hood is complicated.”

Although raising teenagers can be challenging at times, there are several steps that President Obama and other parents can take to make sure that their child’s teen years go as smoothly as possible.-amir shaw

1) Pay Very Close Attention:

There is a good chance that your teenager will act a certain way at home and act differently when around friends. Naturally, teenagers tend to discover their own strengths and weaknesses by associating with their peers and taking on some of their traits. But it’s important that your teen doesn’t develop bad habits at an early age. Without stunting your teen’s need for discovery, pay close attention to their actions and those who they associate with.

2)Be Consistent:

Teens must learn that there are good and bad consequences for their actions. Reward your teen for high achievement and discipline them when they break the rules. It’s also important for both parents to adhere to those same rules. Teens are fast observers and they will test, likely in a conniving way, both parents to see if the rules that are set remain consistent.

3) Love Your Teen, But They’re Not Your Friend:

Listen to your teenager’s problems, provide good advice, and be active in their life at school and programs outside of class. But remember, you are not your teenager’s friend. Some parents have a need to be accepted by their teens and will do whatever they can to make sure that their child isn’t upset with them. But it’s important to be firm with your teen even when they scream and bury themselves in their rooms out of anger.  The sooner your teen realizes that pouting will not help them get a job or secure a loan, the better off they will be.

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