Laz Alonso, Cadillac Meet-and-Greet at American Black Film Festival

Laz Alonso, Cadillac Meet-and-Greet at American Black Film Festival
Laz Alonso took the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, left, on a test ride in Miami

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Laz Alonso, an avid sports car aficionado, developed his addiction to the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe while cruising in one during the 15th Annual American Black Film Festival.

As the exclusive automotive sponsor for ABFF 2011, Cadillac got a prime opportunity to recruit a high-profile sports car disciple into its camp, and Alonso wasted no time testifying on behalf of the CTS-V Coupe’s greatness, dexterity, comfort, muscle and speed.

Laz Alonso, Cadillac Meet-and-Greet at American Black Film Festival

“I am a sports car enthusiast. I love speed,” Alonso said, his expressive eyes widening as a look of amazement washed over his visage. “But it’s not just how fast a car can go, but it’s also how fast a car can stop. And this CTS-V Coupe has humongous discs for the breaks and it has humongous breaks. So as far as that car can go, 556 horsepower supercharged, it can also stop very fast. That thing is a beast. And it’s under 5000 pounds. So it’s light. A lot of sports cars, they brag about the HP, but they’re heavy. This car is really light [and] it’s safe.”

It is a testament to superior engineering and design of the CTS-V Coupe  to have the star of the greatest box office attraction in Hollywood history sing your praises publicly. Alonso played the lead role in Avatar. But he is also the leading example of who the Cadillac sports car speaks to.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to have Laz Alonso featured here with the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. He is an excellent match for the vehicle. He represents young, fresh, hip. He fits the mold,” says Araba Dowell, group manager for General Motors communications in the Southeast region. “He sat in the CTS-V Coupe earlier and he was a perfect match for it. And that car is faster than that bird he flew in Avatar.”

Laz Alonso, Cadillac Meet-and-Greet at American Black Film Festival
Alonso pumps his fist after learning he'll get to test drive the CTS-V Coupe for a week

Speaking of sports cars, Alonso gave a Tiger Woods-type fist pump inside the Braman dealership in Miami when he learned that General Motors decision makers were going to loan him the CTS-V Coupe for a week. That will give the star of the recent romantic comedy Jumping the Broom the opportunity to punch holes in the air with that 556 HP.

“For me, I’m a tall guy and most sports cars can sometimes be horrible as far as comfort. This car, I had so much leg room I didn’t know what to do with it. I was shocked,” Alonso added. “And [the CTS-V Coupe] drives like a regular car until you hit that sports mode and it turns into a totally different animal.”

-terry shropshire

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