The Power of Positive Lyrics, Courtesy of Immortal Technique

The Power of Positive Lyrics, Courtesy of Immortal Technique

“African streets where the passport’s an a American gun
from where they massacre people and try to keep it quiet
and spend the next 25 years tryin’ to deny it”

The Lyrics above led to our discovery of many atrocities to our homeland most we never knew about, this just goes to show that positive and meaningful lyrics lead to a deeper cultural and historical understanding. What you will read below is but a mere excerpt from the thousands of words full of knowledge Immortal Technique lead us to.

“Did you know that White terrorist from Belgium brutally murdered up to an estimated 30 million Africans in the Congo. This single event, decoupled from the numerous other European terrorist regimes that murdered Africans in other regions during the same time, may be the greatest genocide in the history of the world. However, somehow historians have managed to keep this atrocity as a little known fact.

To enforce the rubber quotas, the Force Publique (FP) was called in. The FP was an army whose purpose was to terrorize the local population. The officers were White agents of the State. Of the African soldiers, many were from the fiercest tribes from upper Congo. Others had been kidnapped during the raids on villages in their childhood and brought to Catholic missions, when they received a military training in conditions close to slavery.(<<<DO YOU SEE HOW THE MISSIONARIES BRAINWASH US AND MAKE US HATE OUR CULTURE!) Armed with modern weapons and the chicotte ? a bull whip made of hippopotamus hide ? the Force Publique routinely took and tortured hostages (mostly women), flogged, and raped Africans. They also burned recalcitrant villages, and above all, took human hands as trophies on the orders of White officers to show that bullets hadn’t been wasted.” -dr. lyrical

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