Nicki Minaj Says ‘We Miss You’ Demo Not About Slain Cousin

Nicki Minaj Says ‘We Miss You’ Demo Not About Slain Cousin

Tragedy struck Nicki Minaj and her family earlier this week when her cousin Nicholas Telemaque was murdered near his Brooklyn home early Monday morning. Thursday, July 7, the Minaj track “We Miss You” leaked to the net, eerily chronicling the loss of a loved one. And while many fans have assumed that the song was about Telemaque, Minaj is now claiming that the track is not about the death of her cousin.

Minaj cleared up the rumors on Thursday via her Twitter page, explaining that the track, which is actually a demo, was recorded early last year.

“Tho the lyrics of “We Miss You” eerily depict the circumstances surrounding my cousin’s death, I wrote and recorded that song on 5/24/2010,” tweeted Minaj.

The Harajuku Barbie goes on to explain that she originally considered having Mariah Carey or Keyshia Cole make a guest appearance on the song, but the track failed to make it onto the Pink Friday album due to clearance issues.

“It was sent to Mariah Carey and Keyshia Cole over a year ago for a possible feature. It didn’t make “Pink Friday” due to clearance issues,” tweeted Minaj, adding that “It’s an unauthorized leak.”

Minaj may not be sharing her pain through her lyrics just yet, but hopefully she and her are family are finding peace through each other and in their own way and time. – nicholas robinson

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