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Eric Benét Talks About His First Film, ‘Trinity Goodheart,’ at American Black Film Fest

The American Black Film Festival is an environment for filmmakers to engage and network with a diverse and international community as well a place to discover, explore screenings and promote globally produced work. At this year’s 15th annual ABFF, actor Eric Benét and actress Erica Gluck introduced their newest film, Trinity Goodheart.

The film centers around a 12-year-old girl, played by Gluck, who is on a mission to reunite her disjointed family.  Benét sat down with us to talk about the film, his great chemistry with Gluck and the challenges of transitioning from singing to acting. Check out a few excerpts from his interview below. –mckenzie harris

On His Role in the Film…

Trinity Goodheart is a very heartwarming family movie. It’s teaching those lessons, that aren’t too preachy, on the importance of family and the importance of putting family back together when family becomes estranged. This is all through the eyes of a beautiful and talented little actress. Her name is Erica Gluck. She plays Trinity Goodheart, and I play her father, and it’s just a really heartwarming movie, and y’all really have to check it out.

On His Transition from Singing to Acting…

It was very different and uncomfortable. But the only thing uncomfortable about it was letting go of the control…the control I have in the recording studio, I don’t really have that control anymore while working on a movie set. Not until I’m directing and writing a movie myself, but, I mean, I have to let that control go. I have to trust the director, and I have to trust the producer and the other cast members involved. But, fortunately, with this crew and this particular director, it wasn’t hard to do. Everyone is so talented and capable, so I really feel good about the project.

On His Advice to Aspiring Actors…

Don’t be afraid to be as vulnerable and open as possible on camera because that’s the only way it’s going to come off as real.

Trinity Goodheart will air exclusively on the Gospel Musical Channel on August 20, 2011.