Element Skateboard Supports Chad Muska’s Use of N-Word

Skateboard legend Chad Muska was arrested on felony vandalism charges July 13. Los Angeles police were summoned to the Roosevelt Hotel after Muska was detained by two security guards whom he repeatedly referred to as “n—as.” While waiting for the police to arrive, Muska also made the statement, “F— all these n—as.” He also displayed colloquial hand gestures. Muska was being detained for spray painting his name on a nearby Coffee Bean.

Muska was charged with felony vandalism when the LAPD arrived. His tagging materials were on him when he was arrested. Felonious spray painting is also known “tagging.”

In response, a rep for one of Muska’s sponsors, Element Skateboard, “There is a major difference between n—a and n—-r and it’s totally obvious he is not being racial at all.” Apparently, Element Skateboard supports the “a” version of the N-word, but not the “er” version.

Element Skateboard has been a Muska sponsor since 2006. Chad Muska’s Facebook fan page has apparently been closed to wall posts and messages. The three most recent wall posts state “Free The Muska” and “Free Chad Muska.” The time stamp would have them occurring around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. According to ESPN.com, Muska also represents and designs clothing for the Kr3w and Supra brands.

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