NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic

NouriTress Salon & Hair Clinic

175 Carnegie Place, Suite 101

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Owner: DeShawn Bullard

How long have you been a salon owner?

I have been a salon owner for 15 years.

Owner, DeShawn Bullard

What attracted you to the beauty business?

I have a degree in computer science from Tuskegee University and worked as a software designer for seven years. I switched from corporate to the beauty industry because I was attracted to the opportunity to use beauty as a way to inspire and encourage women. I always noticed that, once women got their hair done, their attitude was changed, and I loved that!

Are you a hairstylist as well as an owner?

Yes, I am a part-time stylist as well as an owner.

Do you have plans to franchise your salon?

Yes, I do!

What makes the atmosphere in your salon unique and inviting?

The thing that makes our salon atmosphere unique and inviting is that, from the moment you walk in the door, we understand that you came to be served and pampered. Our staff understands that. So, our music is relaxing, our decor is modern with granite styling stations, our shampoo chairs and bowls allow for a relaxing shampoo servic0e. We offer free WiFi for the professional woman and complimentary flavored coffee and bottled water. One of our biggest attributes is that we do not keep our clients in the salon for long hours. We work to get you in and out!