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Pharrell and Dania Ramirez Steam Up Web in Short Film

Continuing to expand upon his creative repertoire, producer-singer Pharrell is now displaying his acting chops in the previously unreleased independent short film, Ecology of Love, alongside actress Dania Ramizez.

According to Complex, a three-minute snippet of the N*E*R*D front man’s film debut was released to the Web back in 2004 to create buzz for the film’s eventual full-length debut. After languishing in limbo for seven years, the full-length film finally hit the Web earlier this month.

The near 18-minute short, written and directed by Brin Hill, stars The Neptunes producer as a “broken-hearted urbanite named Andre (Pharrell) who after breaking down and getting stranded in a desert, unearths the resources to woo a French-speaking woman (Dania Ramirez) at a lonely motel.”

Although the short features a limited amount of lines from Pharrell and Ramirez, the sweet chemistry between the two lovebirds is nothing short of steamy and palpable.

The art house style short features The Neptunes’ remix of Sade’s 2000 hit “By Your Side” as well as jazz-soul singer Sylvia Striplin’s highly sampled 1981 R&B classic, “You Can’t Turn Me Away.”

Watch Ecology of Love here.

nicholas robinson