White Actor Defends V-Nasty’s Use of N-Word; Should Black Rappers Take Blame?

White Actor Defends V-Nasty's Use of N-Word; Should Black Rappers Take Blame?

Things have gotten so out of control that a white actor, who often imitates hip-hop culture, has decided to defend a white female rapper’s use of the N-word. Andy Milonakis defended V-Nasty’s use of the N-word on a clip that he posted on YouTube.

On the clip, the rotund suburban-raised actor said, “My problem is people spinning their own f—–g idea of another human being that they don’t f—–g know. That to me is ignorant. Have you ever been to a ‘hood? Have you ever been to Atlanta, or East Oakland? Every race drops the N-bomb. You’re dissing someone who is on your team.”

Milonakis gravitates to hip-hop culture, but he’s simply a privileged kid who witnessed rap during the ’90s by watching MTV in his cozy suburban home.

As a result, his entire argument is flawed and lacks any real perspective. He’s basically telling black people that we should accept being called the N-word by a white girl just because she grew up in a rough neighborhood. Milonakis would never attempt to convince a Jew to accept being called a racially offensive expletive by a person who wasn’t Jewish. Imagine that argument in court against a Jewish lawyer.

On July 22, V-Nasty released a video where she defended her use of the N-word. “Is it a f—–g race?” V-Nasty said. “Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way? Y’all mad at that? Y’all need to be mad at this album.”

There are people in certain neighborhoods across America who would do harm to V-Nasty without thinking twice. But should the anger be aimed at V-Nasty? Or should we blame Ice Cube, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, and other gangster rappers who made it cool to use the N-word in rap back in the early ’90s?

Hip-hop is enjoyed by fans worldwide. Along with some white Americans, there are individuals who reside in other countries who think it’s acceptable to think of, and call, black Americans the N-word.

The words that rappers have spewed have been recorded and will be here until the end of time. If the next generation of rappers and black people fail to eliminate the cool factor associated with the N-word, black culture will have to continue to deal with the embarrassment of being a race that perpetuates self-hate and allows other races to think it’s OK to use disrespectful terms.

amir shaw

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