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Obama Underestimates GOP’s Determination to ‘Destroy Him’ Says Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson says that President Barack Obama should have been “tougher” with Republicans and less compromising in debt ceiling negotiations.

“He has a propensity to be trusting, on the side of reconciliation,” Jackson told POLITICO July 29. “He kind of underestimates how ideological these guys are and how determined they are to destroy him.”

The activist criticized the White House for agreeing too readily to take war spending, taxes on the wealthy and corporate profits off the negotiating table, leaving programs for the needy as the only option left to cut spending. Jackson believes extreme right-wing voices are controlling the debate and that the president should have issued an ultimatum — that if Congress didn’t act, he would act unilaterally. “To me, that line needed to be drawn in the sand earlier on,” Jackson said.
Read more of Politico’s interview with Jesse Jackson.


  1. Charles Butler on July 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    BHO is destroying America.  Black male unemployment is over 50% and Black men are being killed by the dozens blocks from his Hyde Park and he doesn’t reference it.  The Black community in Chicago is being held hostage by Urban Terrorists with the sanction of Rev. Jackson, CPD, and ex-Mayor Daley for over 50 years.  If the City of Chicago can kill off the leaders of the Black Panthers an uncorruptable from City Hall, self appointed community help group, then they can kill off the terrorists slaughtering our children.  In CPS 2010-2011 over 243 students wounded 24 killed, 2009-2010 over 300 wounded 48 killed, just enrolled children.  Silence any one protecting government officials on every level on the carnage in the Black Community. 

    • Xcon on August 3, 2011 at 4:24 am

      you are a smart man.  Are you really black?