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Business » Dedry Jones Discusses Why Independent Record Store Owners Are Still Relevant

Dedry Jones Discusses Why Independent Record Store Owners Are Still Relevant

Dedry Jones

Independent record store owner, Dedry Jones, has been a fixture in his South Shore neighborhood as a resident and business owner. For over two decades, Jones has provided the latest music to his community with smiles and grace. And although independent record store owners are becoming a thing of the past, Jones is still standing.

The Donald Lawrence event will mark the 61st installment of the “music experience,” what do you have planned?

Well, this is Lawrence’s second Experience. The first was with the TriCity singers and this one is Donald & Co. Attendees can expect the same energy and performance from his last installment. It’s going to be great.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Music Experienc,e please elaborate.

The Experience is primarily an intimate record release event of an artist’s CD. We do an interview with the artist that is generally followed by a mini-performance. During the interview, the featured artist talks about their life and their music. The mini performance can be as long as one song to 45 minutes and is followed up with an autograph signing.

Why did you start The Experience event?

I created The Experience because I noticed artists that I liked personally weren’t often promoted or marketed by (music) labels appealing to the 28 to 50-year-old demographic in the same way as artists appealing to 20-year-olds. I wanted to do something that would bring attention to the artists and demographics I most associated with.

How do you keep your traditional record store relevant in this current climate?

The Experience keeps us relevant because it brings attention not only to the artist we feature, but it also sells albums and brings attention to the store location as well. The Experience is a unique way to sell and market CDs. Fortunately, I have a clientele that is loyal and if they are going to support artists and purchase CDs, they are going to buy them from me. That is primarily because of the service component we are able to provide that a mass merchant can’t and doesn’t offer. –tony binns

For more information please contact Whitney Buggs, 202-615-1726, [email protected] at The Music Experience:,1959 ½ E. 73rd St. Chicago, IL