Game Insults Jay-Z’s Music and Manhood

Game Insults Jay-Z's Music and Manhood

Amid growing talk of Game’s beef with fellow rapper Jay-Z, the R.E.D. Album emcee recently weighed in on Hov’s joint album with Kanye West and threw more jabs at Jay-Z, calling him “infertile.”

During an interview with Hot 93.7’s Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig, Game said that Hov and West’s Watch The Throne is a good album.

“It’s a good 7,” said Game, through a slight diss towards Jay-Z. “Well, you know 6 points went to Kanye.”

Despite his continuous shots at the Blueprint emcee, Game maintains that he doesn’t hate Jay-Z and that he’s actually a fan of his work.

“Nah, I don’t hate Jay-Z,” he noted. “I’ve got every album from Reasonable Doubt to Watch The Throne.”

Game, who claims that he released the diss track “Uncle Otis” simply because he “felt like it,” said that he has no fear of burning any bridges with the iconic emcee, shooting down any notions that he’ll somehow need Jay-Z in the future.

“I’m gonna need Jay-Z?” he asked. “I never needed anything more than to get outside of my Cadillacs from me being homeless. I’m good. I’m not going to need anybody. All I need is God, my family.”

after that comment, Game and Jenny Boom Boom joked about Jay-Z impregnating the host and Game lobbed a venomous barb at the Roc Nation emcee, questioning Jay-Z’s fertility.

“I don’t know. Jay-Z don’t seem too fertile,” he said in a joking manner. “Beyoncé ain’t pregnant.”

The self-proclaimed “Bipolar Polar Bear” then praises the Throne track “Welcome To The Jungle” and compares his upcoming R.E.D. Album, to Watch The Throne and concedes that it is better than his.

“It’s not going to be better than Watch The Throne,” Game said of his album. “I can’t compete, but the R.E.D. Album is pretty decent. It’s going to sound like Lil Zane’s first album.”

Game’s behavior may just be a bit bipolar, but more than likely he’s simply taking advantage of a good, high-profile beef with a hugely popular emcee. Game’s R.E.D. Album hits stores on Aug. 23. –nicholas robinson

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