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Johnnie Taylor’s Nephew, Dennis Taylor, Dishes About New Album, Staying on the Grind

Dennis Taylor, with his strong vocals and appreciation for music, shares with rolling out how he plans to produce good, soulful, heartfelt music for everyone to enjoy. –ashley jackson

Tell our readers about your background.

My father sang and my mother sang as well as well as my uncle, the late great Johnnie Taylor. Music has always been around me, it just runs through my family. As I grew up, I started writing and I realized I had a voice and I started doing recordings and background vocals for different people. Once I was in it, I was in it. I got that bug and the rest is history.

What is this album about?

This album was inspired by my family and everyday experiences. I also listen to all genres of music and if you listen to my album, you will see I just don’t go one way with my music.

How do you stay in your lane as an artist when the trend is to do pop music?

I go from the heart I do what I feel is right. If it feels good to me, then I go with it. If the people around me are feeling what I am doing then I stick with it. I try not to sound like anyone else.

Who are your musical influences?

There are so many different artists that I like for example when I was growing up I would listen to Al Green and Sam Cooke that’s how I got my niche when I would listen to them I wanted to make sure I sounded just like the artist so once I kind of mastered it that’s how I created me.

What has been your greatest moment thus far as an artist?

I was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I performed, and I was asked to sign the wall where all these great artists that come through sign. I was like, “Are you serious?” And the guy was like, “Yeah, you need the sign the wall because you are going to blow up and you are going far.”

Give us three tips on how to be successful as an independent artist.

You have to stay on your grind — when you think that things are not going to happen that’s when they usually happen, keep your eye on the prize and stay humble.