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Peter Gunz Threatens Affion Crockett After Corey Gunz Parody

Affion Crockett released a YouTube spoof earlier this week to promote the show called, ‘In The FLOW’, which featured his hilariously perfect impersonations of Kanye, Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz and Jay-z. Well apparently, Cory’s father, rapper Peter Gunz wasn’t amused at all. Yesterday, in the middle of Affion’s radio interview with Sway Calloway, Peter Gunz burst into the intent on starting trouble.  Here’s what he had to say:

I spent like nine years trying to get my sh*t poppin’ for my son and you playing games, seriously. That’s not what we do though. It took too many years, 20 years building this sh*t for this n*gga to get on. Cory don’t find the sh*t funny either. Where you get off of that, dawg seriously?

Imagine being his age and seeing that sh*t. What we do ….We strip n*ggas naked and pistol whip them and make them do the dougie.

Affion is seen on video apologizing and insisting that he cleared it with Cory before actually shooting the spoof. It ends with Peter Gunz erupting in laughter and the whole room joining in. Turns out the joke was on Affion Crockett this time around LOL. Check out the hilarious video here.