Kelly Rowland Focuses on Branding and Gives Advice to New Artists

Kelly Rowland is a woman on a mission and the fruits of her labor are apparent. As a judge on the hit UK show X-Factor, the talented singer is broadening her fanbase overseas and branding heavily. She recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal and talked about having more creative control this time around, and her advice for new artists.

On having more control over her career

“Before, I was so indecisive and young. Now, I’m more hands-on with things. If I was going to do anything different, it would probably be to be more hands on. And actually say ‘no,’ because we would say ‘yes’ to everything,”

On the advantages of social networking and connecting with fans

“The things that you’re able to take advantage of now digitally, I wasn’t able to do then. Even with social networking, it gives you a chance to talk to your fans directly. Every day there’s a new message or a new site or some sort of way to break out and speak to your fans and talk to them and be connected to them, one-on-one.”

On branding and reaching fans internationally

“We did so much promo (abroad). I’m very familiar with the U.K., very familiar with all the Asian markets, very familiar with Australia, very familiar with Africa, very familiar with the Middle East. In all of these places, I’ve sold records. I want to be able to reach out to my fans in different ways. Away from music as well … I want people to get a piece of me through other branding opportunities.”

Her advice for new artists

Pay attention to everything. You look at everything. You sign everything. You look over every contract.

Definitely sound advice from a seasoned professional!

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