Bronner Brother’s Fall Hair Show: Back and Better Than Ever

Bronner Brother's Fall Hair Show: Back and Better Than Ever

Yes, it was that time again, time for the Bronner Brothers hair show held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. There were wall to wall people  out to learn about what was trending in the hair and beauty industry. There were workshops, demos, performances, vendors and more that came out. It’s always fun to stop by booths that carry your favorite product and stock up, as well as watch hair battles on stage with Glen Jackson. “Should she stay or should she go” is Glen’s signature cry to the participating crowd. They raise their hand or applaud Apollo style for what hairstyle they like the best. Very entertaining to watch.

I made my way over to FHI Heat to get my hair done. I arrived looking a mess, but they did a great job with my hair using a ceramic iron that made my hair soft and silky. Then I headed over to The Look By Joi who did my face. I must say the young woman who took care of me, knows her makeup. She did my face fast and gave me a very elegant look.

The new hairdo seems to be the colored mohawk. It looks feathery with cut layers, and often with colored hair pieces added. The style reminds you of a rooster when looking at it from a side angle. Lots of ladies were also wearing sparkly eyeshadow made with minerals. Many vendors were selling mineral makeup. Nails trends seem to be mix-and-match nails. They paint two nails then decorate, then the other nails are of other colors with different designs.

I was in the Clairol VIP Celebrity Lounge conducting interviews with guests that came by. I got a chance to chat with Dondria who has a new album coming out, and we discussed fashion, beauty and hair.

Singer Jacquees was the sweetest. I got a chance to hear his vocals – really good! Ray Lavendar was looking great as he told me about his upcoming movie in which  he plays Sam Cooke. We all got a chance to hear him sing, “A Change is Gonna Come.” and I was blown away! He is not just handsome, but talented too, wow! LisaRaye McCoy & Lisa Wu Hartwell also arrived in the lounge for a few candid shots. Both looked fabulous. Malcolm Jamal Warner then entered the lounge and I got all giddy as we talked about his new sitcom, “Reed Between The Lines,” a new show on BET. Warner will play a psychologist and confessed that the show  is kind of “Cosbyish,” but that we need to see that sort of show today.

Bloggers Kodak Boi and Freddy O held it down with me as we interviewed the celebrity guests. I had a fun filled day and I tried my best to stay in my heels but it was not happening for me, so I switched out my pumps for flip flops, so be forewarned – comfortable shoes, girls. Pink Suga was tired, but we will be returning Sunday, Aug. 21 for more fun and action.

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