Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy Blackballed? Great Black Films That Hollywood Refuses to Release

Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy Blackballed? Great Black Films That Hollywood Refuses to Release

There are only a handful of black movies that are released in theaters nationwide each year. In 2010, there were only eight films (The Book of Eli, Takers, Brooklyn’s Finest, Death at a Funeral, Just Wright, Our Family Wedding, Why Did I Get Married Too?, and For Colored Girls) directed, written and starring blacks that had budgets that were big enough for nationwide releases.

In 2011, that number could be lower. The Help stars several black actors and is currently the No. 1 film in America. Colombiana, starring Zoe Saldana, is an action thriller that offers a unique role for a black actress in Hollywood.

But while mediocre films such as Green Lantern, Conan, and Spy Kids 4 are given mega budgets and major releases, there are several deserving black films that have yet to be released to theaters or on DVD because of a lack of distribution or other undisclosed reasons.

Here is a list of the movies provided by blackfilm.com.

Frankie and Alice/ Dark Tide

When an Academy Award-winning actress such as Halle Berry has trouble releasing a film, it’s obvious that all blacks in Hollywood are suffering to some degree. Berry received a Golden Globe nomination and generated Oscar buzz for her role in Frankie and Alice. It was scheduled to be released in theaters in February 2011, but the date passed and it still has not been given a nationwide release. Dark Tide is an action film that stars Berry as a shark expert. That film is also on hold.

A Thousands Words

Eddie Murphy is another top-notch black actor who has to jump through hoops to get a film made. His film A Thousands Words, is about a man who only has 1,000 words to speak before he dies. Co-starring Kerry Washington, the film’s production concluded in 2008. It remains on the shelf.

From the Rough

Starring Academy Award-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, From The Rough is based on the true story of Catana Starks. Starks, who coached a men’s golf team at Tennessee State University, was the first female in the nation to do so. The film was to be released in AMC theaters in October 2011, but it has since been pushed back to 2012.

Pastor Brown

Rockmond Dunbar received good reviews at film festivals for his directorial debut in Pastor Brown. Based on the story of a former stripper turned pastor, the film was completed in 2009. However, it has yet to find distribution for a nationwide theater or DVD release.

Amir Shaw serves as the sports and music director for rolling out magazine. He is also the author of the young adult novel, 23.

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