Washington, D.C., Hotel Lobby Swankier Than a Club: Photos

Washington, D.C., Hotel Lobby Swankier Than a Club: Photos
A Renaissance Hotel Lobby in D.C.

A wondrous thing happened on the way to the Chevrolet Table of Brotherhood Project luncheon, I entered the lobby of the Renaissance hotel in Washington, D.C., and the Afrocentric decor swept me away.

In fact, the lobby was swankier than some nightclubs. I wonder if the swanky hotel lobby is a new trend?

At least in D.C., the four-star hotel lobby, once thought to be nothing more than a welcoming entrance for hotel guests, has now become the magnet for Mr. Right. Free Wi-Fi hot spots, and complimentary nonalcoholic drinks lure professionals to gather and mingle in the lobby.

The four-star hotel chains want to keep their clientele in the lobby to eat good food, consume exotic drinks, and meet and greet other guests, of course.

For some professionals, hotel lobbies could give A-list nightclubs a run for their money because lobbies don’t have the red velvet rope, and that damning “woman on the prowl” cloud hanging over their heads (and, as a registered hotel guest, you don’t have too far to travel after your networking is done).

A Chicago chick can fall in love with Washington, D.C., with its storybook cafés, open displays of hospitality, and plethora of successful black men in business suits who are prone to openly flirt, and back up the sweet talk with a solid dinner invitation.

Note to single ladies: I’ve witnessed the dream date scenario several times here. A handsome man, dressed to the nines, will make eye contact, cross the room, and engage a woman in lively conversation. Dinner is soon to follow if things go well.

Mr. Right may be a D.C. native, or a brother in town for a fraternity convention or a business meeting. You may make a new friend, a promising business contact, or a new long-distance love; the outcome is up to you, of course.

The vibe in D.C. for single black women is amazing, and you should definitely add D.C. as a “must-see” vacation spot if you’re looking for Mr. Right.

The sisters of D.C. are cultured pearls as well, and were also dressed to the nines, so ladies, bring your A-game when you visit the nation’s capital, and especially when you enter your hotel’s lobby.

By the way, here’s a peek at that very impressive Renaissance hotel lobby that has an airy wide-open space and plush private VIP-areas for its guests.

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