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Ludacris Discusses New Technology and Entertainment at Georgia Tech

Ludacris gained prominence in hip-hop as new technologies changed the music industry. Since releasing his first album in 2000, Ludacris has witnessed the decline of record sales in his industry. However, new technology has given artists a decided advantage in recording and the distribution of music.

Ludacris and The Ludacris Foundation hosted a discussion on technology at the  Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Moderated by Rashan Ali, panelists discussed technology in entertainment, marketing with new technology and how to gain traction with new innovations.

“You look at fashion over the years and it changes,” Ludacris said. “That’s the same with technology. You have to keep yourself afloat with producers and what’s going on. You don’t have to emulate what everyone else is doing, but you have to stay ahead of the curve. You make it your own and understand what’s going on around you. Continue to search for things that haven’t been done.”

During the event, students at Georgia Tech got a chance to demo Luda the Soul headphones while listening to Ludacris’s iPod playlist.

Ludacris will host several events this weekend for his annual Luda Day weekend in Atlanta. –amir shaw


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