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Jay-Z’s Realty Company Accused of Harassing Renters

It seems like Jay-Z just can’t avoid the label of big bad businessman, these days. After being the target racially charged protests over his 40/40 club renovations, Jay-Z and SCC North American Realty LLC, which he partially owns, are being accused of harassing current and former tenants to vacate a luxury building in Philadelphia.

According to FOX News, renters at the 24-unit complex are claiming that the rapper’s legal team is trying to evict them from their condos, claiming that SCC has filed lawsuits against them for unpaid rent even though they claim they’ve already paid their rents.

“I’m scared of Jay-Z,” says one unnamed tenant. “I’ve endured endless harassment from his team of lawyers, and I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know when this drama is going to end.”

Other tenants are also claiming that SCC has given out their personal numbers to local realtors, who bombard them with requests to schedule showings for their homes.

Some of the tenants also allege that Starkman-Palumbo, the building’s current property manager, has resorted to such mistreatment because they want to evict all of the building’s renters for their own financial benefit.

Anthony Palumbo, a broker for Starkman Palumbo Inc., admitted that the company wants to shed its rental units, but denies that his company has mistreated the current tenants.

“The owners are not interested in keeping the building a rental property — they’re interested in selling the units. If anybody produces a valid lease and proof of rent payments, then they’re allowed to stay until the end of their lease,” said Palumbo. “We take good care of the building. I think that some people were unhappy that they had to leave.” Palumbo also added that tenants are welcome to purchase their units, if they want to stay.

FOX News also claims that they obtained a letter dated July 1, 2011, from Lighthaus Condominiums, listed at the same address, which stated that all of the buildings occupants must vacate by July 31.

At least 15 tenants have moved out of the building since May. What do you think of Jay-Z’s latest business scandal?

nicholas robinson