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Whitney & Bobby’s Bobbi Kristina May Sing Professionally When She Gets Thicker Skin

In its first few days online, Bobbi Kristina’s YouTube singing debut has garnered more than 50,000 hits and prompted dozens of comments, most of them encouraging, but many of them down-right cruel.

Visitors to the 18-year-old’s uploaded video wanted the fledgling artist to know how her voice impacted them, so they left their assessments where Bobbi, and the rest of the world could read them:

“Bobbi K, you are beautiful. you own your beautiful smile. your gap is beautiful, because God made you beautiful. You have a beautiful voice, I wish I could sing like you. Much blessings, and be brave….Let no one discourage you. you are beautiful with an awesome gift. keep on singing!”

“I think her voice is beautiful and she should definately keep on singing. It’s unfair to compare her to Whitney — just do you Bobbi Kris!!”

“i really like her voice, its very mellow and soothing. it kind gives me a ‘corinne bailey rae’ vibe. i hope she really pursues this, we need more black women w/ a soft, chill image in mainstream media!”

“Sadly she doesnt have any of Whitneys beautiful singing skills but im NOT saying that in a horrible way! This girl will be amazing at her own thing which probably wont end up being singing.”

“Her voice is average at Best!!! She’s not even a fraction of what Whitney’s voice sounds like Now, from what It once was! Sorry Bobbi, don’t quit your day job!!”

Talk about pressure. Your mom is the legendary Whitney Houston, your dad is a multi-platinum selling singer, and the song you choose for introducing  your vocal talents to the world was made famous by the Grammy-winning soul aficionado, Adele.

One thing’s for sure, Bobbi Kristina definitely has music in her DNA, but if her response to the negative comments are any indication of her readiness to deal with the ugly side of the music business, Miss Brown may need to learn from her parents how crucial it is to be able to deal with the hurtful attention that comes with fame.

According to the New York Daily News, Bobbi Kristina tweeted in response to her YouTube haters:

“The rude comments on my video? Really? Some people are pathetic.” A few hours later she decided she couldn’t  take any more of the heat. “No more singing for me,” she reportedly tweeted. “back to #dance. I’m sorry.”

Baby girl, listen to Miss Kathleen and don’t let the criticism run you out of your lane. You have a unique  kind of soft-yet-gritty sound that has propelled Sade to super-stardom. I’m not saying you’re in her league yet, but you definitely have a lane. When your skin is a little thicker, I hope you’ll try again.


  1. Ladame2000 on September 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    her twitvid has over 168k and the other twitvid 50k and all the youtube clipbs over 100k- she has combined views close to 300k. I hope she reads your article. She has talent but has to know that there will be haters regardless, suck it up. i like her tone

  2. Ladame2000 on September 13, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    here’s her twitvid 168k

    heres the the other one 50k

    she needs to keep at it and be motivated by all the clicks and views

  3. Anonymous on September 14, 2011 at 2:00 am

    Totally disagree Kathleen i think she is better off where she can not have to be judged by both parents too many kids follow in their parents shadow… sometimes that can be a curse vs a blessing. #justmy2cents