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Lupe Fiasco Shines With Generation Lasers Tour: Addresses Troy Davis Case

During the release of his latest album L.A.S.E.R.S, Lupe Fiasco made headlines for his controversial remarks aimed at his record label, Atlantic Records. Lupe argued that label heads forced him to rap over music that he didn’t choose. After the bickering and disagreements, Lupe was rewarded with his first number 1 album on Billboard.

Lupe continues to promote the album and his past projects with the “Generation Lasers” Tour. The tour made its way to the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Sept. 20 presented by Live Nation.

Backed by a band that included four back up singers, a drummer, guitarist,  keyboardist, and violinist, Lupe stood out as the quintessential hip-hop star with a rock n’ roll flare.

The high energy concert featured superior lighting that often had effects similar to that of a laser show.

Lupe’s showmanship was at a superior level as he performed his hits, “Kick, Push,” “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” “All Black Everything” and “Out of My Head.”

During his performance of “Superstar,” he rapped a cappella and changed a verse to speak on the Troy Davis case. “Like the governor called, and they told him to wait, un-strap Troy [Davis] from the chair, and put him back in the A,” Lupe rapped as fans cheered.

Lupe also performed fan favorites “The Show Goes On” and “Day Dreamin.” The show concluded with an exuberant  performance of “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now.” Lupe threw water on the crowd, and urged fans to jump and lose all inhibitions as the music took control. –amir shaw