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Morehouse College Continues Mission of Training Black Men to Make a Difference

Walking onto the campus and soaking up the mystique, the tradition and the physical attributes of Morehouse College provides only a slight intimation of this legendary HBCU’s greatness. Young black men come here for an education, but that is only the beginning of what makes a Morehouse man.

“We want the students to leave here with a sense of a larger mission than just the vocation,” one faculty member said. “It is not enough just to graduate from here. We expect you to make a difference in the community.”

Located in close proximity to the renowned Spelman College, Morehouse represents not only the crème de la crème of black colleges, but universities in general. As Morehouse President Dr. Robert M. Franklin and his colleagues will attest, corporations love Morehouse men because they are conditioned for leadership, are ethical, have a sensitivity to diversity and leave the school with a commitment to the community and social responsibility.

“Although it is small college, it has had the impact on America and the global community that I would argue that no other college has had,” says Morehouse president Dr. Robert M. Franklin, a 1975 graduate. “The Morehouse man stands out because he is a Renaissance man. He is broadly educated, and widely traveled. He has a sophistication that comes from achievement and accomplishment, but not with a lot of arrogance but with a willingness to share and to lift others as he climbs.”

Dr. Robert M. Franklin, a 1975 Morehouse graduate

It is because of their long-standing commitment to developing the complete man that the The Wall Street Journal has named Morehouse one of the Top 50 feeder schools for graduate schools. The Princeton Review has named Morehouse “one of the best Southeastern Colleges.” And Kaplan/Newsweek calls Morehouse “America’s hottest college for men.”