Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Show Support at Wale’s Listening Party During BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend

Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Show Support at Wale's Listening Party During BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend

Wale hopes to make amends for his disappointing debut with his sophomore effort, Ambition. During BET Hip Hop Awards weekend, Wale held an exclusive listening party at VIA in Atlanta.

Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill and Pill were in attendance to show support for the Washington, D.C., native. Rick Ross spoke to the crowd shortly before Wale previewed the album.

“Wale saw the vision,” Ross said. “He’s passionate about his music. I had to show love and that’s something I took from my little brother, he goes real deep to represents his heart through his music.”

Wale also spoke about selling 28,000 albums on the first week of his debut and taking advantage of his second chance.

“I fought my way back,” Wale told the crowd. “A lot of dudes have disappointing albums and you’ll see them working at Arby’s the next year. That’s why I decided to call my album Ambition. You’re looking at a dude that’s never had radio spins and I’m still here. I represent the blue-collar folks who wlll spend his last paycheck on Fendi shoes. I represent the hustlers in a different kind of way. I put my heart and soul into this album.” –amir shaw

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