President Obama, Bill Gates, Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks React to Steve Jobs’ Death

President Obama, Bill Gates, Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks React to Steve Jobs’ Death

The world was stunned yesterday when technology giant Apple revealed to the public that the company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, had passed away on Oct. 5, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Immediately after news spread of Jobs’ death, several celebrities decided to pay tribute to the loss of this generation’s most preeminent technology visionary.

Celebrities like rapper Nicki Minaj and music maestros Pharrell Williams and decided to take to Twitter to pay their respects to Jobs.

“An innovator. Contributed so much to this generation & beyond. RIP Steve Jobs,”  tweeted Minaj.

“#youchangetheworld we lost a great innovator…steve jobs designed a whole new world…he will be missed…,” tweeted, adding, “#stevejobs i hope the youth chooses to be like steve jobs…we need more innovators…”

“God bless the family of Steve Jobs. He was our modern day Leonardo DaVinci. From Apple to Pixar, what a great life lived. He will be missed.,” tweeted Pharrell.

Supermodel and mogul Tyra banks also shared her mourning for the late Jobs, tearfully tweeting that she was devastated by his death.

“As I type on my iPhone, tears spring2 my eyes4an amazingMan I never met. His genius has touched us all. Steve Jobs, you will b/with us 4ever.,”  tweeted Banks.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates also weighed in on Jobs’ death, saying that he would miss the late technology king.

“I’m truly saddened to learn of Steve Jobs’ death. Melinda and I extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and to everyone Steve has touched through his work,” wrote Gates in a statement. “Steve and I first met nearly 30 years ago, and have been colleagues, competitors and friends over the course of more than half our lives.The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.”

Jobs even received a touching tribute from President Barack Obama, who claimed the nation had lost one of its great visionaries.

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators — brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it,” President Obama said in a statement. “By building one of the planet’s most successful companies from his garage, he exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity. By making computers personal and putting the internet in our pockets, he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun. And by turning his talents to storytelling, he has brought joy to millions of children and grownups alike. … The world has lost a visionary.”  – nicholas robinson

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