‘Ro’ Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots
Rapper DMX six mugshots

No one likes to smile for this camera … bad lighting, terrible angles, and no second chance to get your “good side.” Jailhouse mugshots are photos guaranteed to haunt you worse than your drivers license. This top ten list of some of the worst-ever celebrity mugshots should jog your memory of crazy past times and crimes that we will never forget. Say cheese.

No. 10 : Mike Tyson

Fortunately, this photo of when the boxing champion was arrested for a DUI and possession of cocaine in 2006 isn’t too shocking . However, the tribal face tattoo, unexplainable tongue action and wild look in his eyes are enough to make us shudder out of fear of getting knocked out, or losing a piece of an ear.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 9 : George Clinton

This funk legend gets a major #FAIL for not only his signature colored locks and swollen eyes, but also for two drug paraphernalia charges, including a bag of crack cocaine, in 2003. Dr. Funkenstein may want to think a little quicker the next time he tries to hide his glass pipe from the po po.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 8 : Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)

Forever haunting Michael’s legacy, this mugshot will never be removed from the jailhouse hall of shame. One of the most memorable cases in history, the pop legend was arrested for child molestation back in 2003. The man just wanted to tuck in the kiddies and have a sleepover … what’s the problem?

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 7 : Katt Williams

Now this is a golden smile. Katt Williams looks poised here to break into a rendition of “On the Good Ship, Lollipop.” The then-38-year-old comedian was booked on burglary and criminal trespass charges in a West Georgia community. We just feel bad they didn’t give him a complimentary boxed perm kit before the photoshoot.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 6 : James Brown (R.I.P.)

Officer … make that two boxed perm kits. Clearly domestic violence isn’t the only crime in this mugshot.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 5 : Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.)

What a tragedy in every way imaginable. The young talented singer was cuffed for drug possession in 2008 which is devastatingly obvious in her photo below.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 4 : Antoine Dodson

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife … but someone needs to stop hiding the comb from this soon to be legendary pop star. Arrested for drug possession … Dodson may want to solicit a public defender or bail bondsman with the ability to use a hot comb.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 3 : Nick Nolte

Also etched into the jailhouse mugshot hall of fame, we will never forget actor Nick Nolte’s mug for obvious reasons. Back in 2002, he was taken in for a DUI after swerving into oncoming highway traffic. Maybe he could’ve talked his way out of it by saying he was getting into character for an upcoming film?  Anything would’ve done to avoid this frightening spectacle.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 2 : Phil Spector

Judging by this bone-chilling mugshot, it’s a good thing this fella was taken off the streets and removed from public view. Legendary music producer Phil Spector was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was found dead via a gunshot blast to the face.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

No. 1 : Gary Coleman (R.I.P.)

This is not the “Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis” expression we knew.  It seemed a little more innocent and adorable than this mug demonstrates.  The deceased actor arrested for domestic violence top’s our list of worst celeb mugshots for very obvious reasons.

'Ro' Top 10: Worst Celebrity Mug Shots

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