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Owner and CEO Velma Trayham creates Jazzy Girls Luxury Hair Collection

Who To Know: Owner and CEO Velma Trayham (COCO)

COMPANY: Jazzy Girls Beauty Boutique LLC/ Jazzy Girls Luxury Hair Collection


Who she’s worked with: Taraji P.  Henson, Tamala Jones and Trina to name a few

Tell me about your hair collection?                                                               Jazzy Girls Luxury hair collection is the first brand of extensions on the market to combine a multi-cultural variety of virgin hair on one weft, thus creating an entirely new blend.  Jazzy Girls has developed a unique blend of hair that renders a luxurious texture and feel. This luxury hair blends well with any hair type – fine, regular or coarse. Wearing this hair, there will be little indication that the client is wearing extensions. -Alex Green

What sets the Luxury Collection apart from other luxury hair lines?                                     My luxury collection is developed and tested under my management. There aren’t many owners of hair companies that actually use their own products. I’m involved in the entire process.  I traveled to several countries and verified the actual donation procedures. In addition, I conduct rigorous testing on the hair to make sure the extensions can withhold extreme heat, and chemical processing. Most importantly I test for durability. Every woman in my boutique actually wear the extensions in an effort to test and ensure that the hair we sale can withstand the elements and the everyday wear and tear of constant styling.

What are the maintenance and up keep needs for your Luxury collection?                        First of all, the hair is pre-shampooed and deep conditioned before it’s packaged in it’s luxurious case. Once purchased, it is ready to be installed. Since the hair is virgin, it’s natural hair. You can treat it as your own. We carry a line of styling products that work well when styling the hair from my boutique.


 What techniques can you share with woman on purchasing virgin human hair?             There are so many retailers of hair extensions. This fact makes it difficult to distinguish between excellent quality run of the mill extensions until it’s too late.  Quite often women purchase extensions blindly and are disappointed with the purchased product. I have heard complaints of
mating, tangling and resistance to heat and chemicals.  This can only mean that the hair purchased is NOT virgin, unprocessed hair. I suggest that all customers do their research. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company. It’s always a great idea to look around and visit boutiques and talk to the other patrons. See what they have to say about the hair. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.  If the investment is worth it, go for it. Next, make sure your extensions stay in tip top shape by using the appropriate shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

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