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50 Cent Launches Global Food Giveaway; How You Can Help

It’s been a great few weeks for philanthropy in the world of hip-hop. While several rappers are busy fighting corporate corruption in various Occupy Protests, rapper 50 Cent is busy battling world hunger. After launching his Street King initiative a few months ago, a plan to feed one million of the world’s starving kids through the sales of his new Street King energy drink, 50 Cent now wants to double his donation and is using Facebook to do so.

According to a press release sent out on Oct. 17, 50 Cent is launching a second initiative titled “One Like = One Meal.” Created in honor of United Nations World Food Day, 50 Cent and Street King are allowing fans to feed the hungry through the Street King Facebook page. For every “like” that the page receives, 50 Cent will provide a meal to a hungry child and if the page reaches one million “likes” between Oct.17 and Oct. 23, the G-Unit head honcho will provide one million more meals to hungry children across the globe.

“People who want to help fight hunger are not being asked to donate or pay anything to help. It’s real simple. All they have to do is Like the Street King page on Facebook and I will give a meal to a hungry kid,” said 50 Cent in the statement.

According to 50 Cent, he and Street King hope to feed one billion hungry children over the coarse of the next five years.

“The Street King movement is rapidly gaining momentum and we are making a difference in the lives of people around the world every day,” said 50 Cent. “We’ve already given meals to millions of kids and have the power to give two million more in just one week. Each day we get closer to our goal of providing one billion meals over the next five years and helping end world hunger.”

Fans interested in learning more about 50 Cent’s Street King Initiatives and the United Nations World Food Programme and World Food Day and

Once again, a big kudos to 50 Cent for using his star power to make a positive difference in the world. –nicholas robinson