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B2K’s Lil Fizz Sued for Illegal Marijuana Shop

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the drama-filled news from former R&B group B2K, one of the boy band heartthrobs is back in the news and also in trouble with the law. Singer-rapper Lil Fizz is reportedly being sued by the State of California for well over $1 million for allegedly operating an illegal marijuana shop.

According to TMZ, the shop, which is co-owned by Fizz, is aptly titled Little Amsterdam and has been in business in West Hollywood, Calif., since 2008.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in L.A. County Superior Court on Oct. 19, Little Amsterdam is allegedly operating in a section of L.A.where weed shops are prohibited.

Prosecutors now want Lil Fuzz to shut down his weed operation and pay a $2,500 fine for every day that the shop has been open since July 1, 2010. Since that date, Fizz has now racked up a bill totaling $1,192,500. Prosecutors also want the singer to pony up another $750,000 to pay for law enforcement costs and attorney’s fees related to the case.

Well, besides the fact that he should obviously drop out of the weed game, for Fizz’s sake, hopefully, he earned some major bucks over the last three years, otherwise he’s going to join that growing list of entertainers that are swamped in lawsuits, jail time and debt. –nicholas robinson