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Diane Da Costa Dispels Beauty Industry Myths

SimpleeBEAUTIFUL Founder, Diane Da Costa

SimpleeBEAUTIFUL Founder, Diane Da Costa

When it comes to beauty services, the personal touch often makes all the difference for a consumer. SimpleeBEAUTIFUL, a luxury product retailer and web-boutique considers it their mission to provide such outstanding services to provide women with healthy and results-oriented beauty services, products and information.  The company is the brainchild of celebrity stylist, author and textured hair expert, Diane Da Costa. Da Costa also provides consultation services for brands such as L’Oreal and Aveda. We let our hair down with Da Costa as she dispelled a few myths about the beauty industry.

What is unique about the way that you run your company?

I personally train all stylists to create and maintain healthy hair first, with the consultation as the therapy session. We work very closely with our clients in determining the best products to use for their specific hair texture. SimpleeBEAUTIFUL provides options for all types and textures, whether, wavy, curly, very curly, tightly coiled or if you prefer texturized or relaxed hair.

Some consumers only purchase hair care products specifically targeted at their community of color. Have you found these products to be as effective as their mainstream counterparts?

Sometimes those products are not even as good as the original products whether the packaging reflects the identity or not. My question is when you go to the grocery store, do you only buy products made specifically for your ethnic culture?  You try things and you read what it is. Vegetables and fruits are for everyone.  So before you ban yourself from purchasing what you think is not made for you, read the labels and ingredients and that will tell you if it is for your hair type or texture.  Packaging and marketing can be deceiving as well.

What are some of the main myths associated with your industry that you hope to dispel?

There is a major difference between a natural hair stylist and a licensed cosmetologist who are also textured experts. Natural hair stylists groom and care for all natural textures, however they are not colorists and also may not be precision cutters. Curly textured experts, precision cut all curly textures, color and also retexturize hair and may also relax curly textures with a healthy approach. Another major myth is that you become a great stylist all by yourself. It is important have mentors and keep learning the latest products and technology of the industry.