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Music » B.o.B on T.I., ‘It’s a Privilege to Have a Hip-Hop Legend in My Corner’

B.o.B on T.I., ‘It’s a Privilege to Have a Hip-Hop Legend in My Corner’

B.o.B held a private listening party for journalists and industry tastemakers on Oct. 24. During the two-hour event, B.o.B previewed several songs from his new album, Strange Clouds, which will be released in 2011. A few of the more interesting songs were “Strange Clouds, “Play the Guitar” featuring Andre 3000, and “Arena” featuring T.I.

After previewing seven songs, B.o.B spoke with rolling out magazine about his new album, how Gnarls Barkley influenced his music and what it was like working with T.I. –amir shaw

Showing growth on his sophomore effort:

“There will never be an album as special as the first album. The first one is always memorable. But I feel like this album shows more of what I want to do with my music. Sometimes it’s hard to see your own growth. But when I listen to the last album and this one, there is so much more to enjoy.

How Gnarls Barkley influenced his music:

When I heard Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere album, it showed me I could do different music and still satisfy the fans and myself. Even when I wanted to play the guitar, be on some rap stuff, or sing, I felt that I was empowered to do that.”

Working with T.I.

“Working with T.I. is alway a learning process. You can always learn something from someone. We both appreciate the music. The more I grow as an artist, the better our relationship becomes in the studio and making songs. I appreciate the attention he has shown to my project and career. It’s a privilege to have a hip-hop legend in my corner.”