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Dr. Sabrina Echols, Founder, Butterfly Wellness

Family physician Dr. Sabrina Echols wears several hats: she is the founder of Butterfly Wellness; medical director of Busy Bee; director of a sales team for Mary Kay Cosmetics; and a motivational speaker.
The child of teenage parents, Echols sought guidance from her spiritual mentor, her 80-year-old grandmother.
“She told me only way out of the inner-city ghetto was through education,” Echols says. “I was determined to study my way out.”
Echols’ successful educational tenure includes Xavier University; Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, and later the University of Illinois-School of Public Health. She trained at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.
Today, Echols helps others envision their own positive outcomes.  “I transform lives by breathing belief into the lives of students and their families, so they can move to the beat and purpose that God has for them,” she says. –zondra hughes