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Lisa Williams, Executive Director, Living Water for Girls

Lisa Williams is the executive director of Living Water for Girls, a nonprofit organization that cares for victims of sexual exploitation ages 12 to 17. Spurred to start the non-profit organization, after reading an article some years ago in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about abuse, Living Water for Girls cares for up to 10 girls at a time and offers home schooling, traditional and nontraditional therapy through vocational training, art, gardening and equine therapy.
Williams recounts the content of the article. “She [the 10-year-old victim] was sitting [wearing] a jumpsuit with shackles around her ankles. She was being charged with prostitution. The john … pimp or trafficker wasn’t being charged. I had to do something,” she laments.
“Many of our girls, up to 85 percent in the studies, have been victimized in their home, which means that they are easy prey for a pimp. There’s no discrimination on sexual abuse,” Williams explains.
If she could have one wish granted to turn the tragedy around, Williams admits she would need more. “I need three wishes. Stop the demand. Without the demand there would be no need for supply. Fund and provide critical therapeutic services for children already victimized by this heinous crime. All who’ve recruited, harbored, arranged transactions, transported, transferred, sold, rented or traded children for the purpose of sexual exploitation [need] to be held accountable for their crimes to the fullest extent that is allowed by the laws of this nation,” she declares.
“We have a very simple campaign goal for 10,000 people to join our ‘Ten for Ten’ campaign by donating $10 a month for a year or a one-time donation of $120 in honor of their family members and friends,” she offers. –yvette caslin

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