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Nnete, On-Air Personality for 97.9 The Box

Nnete, an on-air personality for 97.9 The Box, is a talented woman who promised herself early on that she would have a career in the entertainment industry.
“During my junior year as a finance major at the University of Houston, I was making great money as an intern, but I was only happy on the first and the 15th of each month,” Nnete recalls. “On my 21st birthday, I promised myself that I would actively pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Two weeks later, I auditioned for ‘The Madd Hatta Morning Show’ and the rest is history.”
“Every woman can tap their inner power source if she removes negativity from her life,” Nnete states. “I’ve fallen into that negative thinking, victim mentality trap from time to time,” she divulges. “Luckily, I have people who will quickly call me out on that and help me discover my role in that situation. We always have the power.”
Nnete says a powerful woman is one who take risks, works hard and remains confident. –zondra hughes

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