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Jay-Z responds to past criticisms of hip-hop music in interview with Steve Stoute


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  1. lester clay on December 3, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    big less,being in hiphop for 30yrs it will be in january,swiss beats,emenem and dmx saved us from the boaring stomach turning talent that came out during the faze out of biggie and pac,jay-z is a joke in the real world of hip hop,but a shrude business man,when style and sales over shadow lyrics and substance it’s a pitiful world we live in.our culture for the past 30yrs has been hip hop influenced and when big corp got to it it made sellouts and droans of us,how i’m living now from the 110k i did in the mid 90’s,look at 3rd bass second lp cover if you people know who 3rd bass is.oh yeah and hint there was white rappers and dj’s before the current known ones.look on nwa 1987 lp ,yes there was a lp before straight outta compton,wow.