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Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Danny Glover and 4 Other Celebrities Who Support Proposition 19 to Legalize Marijuana

Snoop Dogg and Danny Glover are polar opposites in almost every way you can think of. But the two entertainers, along with other high-profile personalities such as Wiz Khalifa, have formed a formidable force on the side to push Proposition 19 into law and legalize the open use of marijuana in California.

in addition to Snoop’s famous and infamous proclamations about his unabashed weed devotion, celebrities recently posted up strong at a press conference at a cafe in Hollywood recently in a unified front to to decriminalize the mind-altering plant.

The measure would make California the first state to legalize marijuana, but support has waned in recent months. The ballot measure would allow adults 21 and older to grow and possess marijuana and would authorize cities and counties to approve the cultivation, sale and taxation of pot.

Celebs got behind the measure because support for Proposition 19 has withered in recent months. In fact, the opposing faction has been emboldened. Alexandra Datig, an acknowledged former addict of marijuana and other drugs, now runs the anti-Proposition 19 group “Nip It In The Bud 2010.” She was parked outside Cafe Was where the press conference was taking place, handing out an open letter to the entertainment community.

“I ask you to reconsider,” the letter reads in part, according to the media. “Many of you are role models to our youth, many of our nation’s young talents look up to you, try to emulate you and listen to the advice you give. … Few things can damage a youthful and hopeful career, such as drug use, often starting with marijuana.”

Who are the top celeb cannabis proponents: 


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