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Spelman College Students Dish on Their Biggest Fashion Pet Peeves

Talking Pretty visited HBCU Spelman College for Black Market Friday in Atlanta last week. The girls were prepped and ready for the cool weather in their trendy fall threads. Military boots, patterned scarfs, distressed tights, chunky knits and blazers were some of the trends spotted as students strolled to class.

Everyone was talking pretty in their pink “I ♥ TalkingPretty” buttons, while listening to good music and browsing through the various jewelry, makeup and accessory vendor booths.

We decided to get up close and personal over a little girl chat and talk about some of their biggest fashion pet peeves. Here were the top responses.


-Girls who don’t dress for their body type.
-Wearing Uggs with shorts.
-Wearing socks with flats or flip flops.
-Bad weaves.
-Girls who try to dress like someone else.
-See-through leggings and tights.
-Visible panty lines.
-Wearing head scarfs and bonnets out in public.
-Plastic jewelry.
-Girls who go to class dressed like they are going to the club.

Check out some snapshots below of the fly girls and fly shoes on Spelman’s campus.