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Ludacris Fires Back at Drake and Big Sean’s Copycat Accusations: 8 Other Artists Accused of Swagger Jacking

Ludacris made a name for himself in the hip-hop game with his over-the-top lyrical skills and uncanny ability to ride nearly any flow. So, when the veteran emcee was accused by hip-hop newcomers Drake and Big Sean of copying their flow, it came as no surprise that Luda would go on the defense — or rather — the attack. Luda recently released a new diss track, “Bada Boom,” slamming the two emcees for their swagger jacking claims.

The beginnings of the beef date back to last year, when Drake spoke with AllHipHop about his thoughts on the “Supa Dupa” punch line flow (aka hashtag rap) that was created by his hip-hop pal Big Sean and made popular by the Toronto emcee and his Young Money cohort Nicki Minaj. In the interview, Drake criticized other emcees for misusing the style, including Ludacris, whom he said misused hashtag rap on his Minaj-assisted hit, “My Chick Bad.”

In May, Sean spoke with MTV’s “RapFix Live” host, Sway Calloway, about Drake’s comments on Luda, explaining that he agreed that some emcees fumbled the “Supa Dupa” flow, but claimed that Luda is a great emcee, regardless.

“I think some artists just did it so wack man,” said Big Sean. “Every time I say names I get in trouble and it’s like I’m dissing, but some people used it wack. If he said Ludacris used it wack, hey.”

Sean continued, “Don’t get it wrong I’m not trying to diss Ludacris or nothing,” Big Sean said. “He’s a great MC. But even though that style got so overused, there [were] a lot of people who did it great and there [were] a lot of people who didn’t do it so great. People always ask me was you mad that people took that style from you. I’m like, ‘Nah, that shows me how far I can go as an artist.’ I feel like I changed hip-hop.”

Well, clearly made a mental note of both Drake and Sean’s comments, because on the new single, “Bada Boom,” from his 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time mixtape, he launches a flurry of lethal blows at the two young emcees.

“I’m the truth in this booth and you ni–as all h-es,” Ludaspits. “Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing they flows, but I can’t steal what you never made up b—h/Y’all some duplicate rap cloning ni–as/I manufacture you h-es put on your makeup b—-h/Let me explain, nothing’s been new since Big Daddy Kane/Flows’ll get recycled, passed around to different names…Y’all get a couple hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting?/Who’s gassing ‘em? … May not like the way I used it, but you know you ain’t invent it, boy/Do your research before you make a claim so bogus that’s disrespecting pioneers in the game…‘My Chick Bad’ went platinum, still winning moth-rf—er!”

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what Drake and Sean have to say about Luda’s diss. But considering Drake’s newfound love for competition, we doubt we’ll have to wait soon for a response. In the meantime, here are eight other artists who’ve been accused of swagger jacking. –nicholas robinson

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