‘Happy Feet Two’: 4 Reasons Parents Should Take Their Kids to Experience This Movie

'Happy Feet Two': 4 Reasons Parents Should Take Their Kids to Experience This Movie

Happy Feet Two opens this weekend, Friday, November 18, and this writer encourages parents to share this experience with their kids. Recently, rolling out had a chance to view the movie at an Atlanta screening hosted by Liquid Soul Media. I quickly realized this movie is more than a 3D animated series about dancing penguins. It addresses some of the issues and concerns that we adults face today.

Here are four assessments that were made:

1. Moviegoers experience the magnificent landscape of Antarctica in 3D and global warming is surely rearing her ugly head. As our environment changes, it has a direct impact on our ecosystem. We need to be aware of those changes in order to develop ways of protecting wildlife.

2. It encourages children to be accepting of those who are different. Whether one has a physical disability or cultural difference, they have a purpose.

3. Happy Feet Two is about nations coming together, working through their issues for the common good and the good of mankind. Different species of animals set aside their differences and pooled their resources to save a nation in trouble. Our government officials can learn a thing or two about camaraderie from the penguins, tiny Krill and the giant Elephant Seals.

4. It’s happy! Song and dance are universal languages and impact the world. Moviegoers are introduced to different cultures and genres of music.

It is not my intention to over analyze such a happy movie, but I am encouraging parents to have intention and seek purpose in everything that they do with their children. Open discussions in households encourage our children to have a voice in the classroom.

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