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Darryl Roberts’ Chicago Premiere of ‘America the Beautiful: 2 The Thin Commandments’

Filmmaker Darryl Roberts


Chicago filmmaker Darryl Roberts’ opening night of the controversial and inspirational film, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments, left the enthusiastic Music Box Theatre crowd hungry for more.

The film explores the diet industry and the good, bad, and ugly sides of the national obsession with being thin. Following the film, Darryl Roberts hosted a Q&A session, where audience members — several people present were actually in the film — addressed childhood obesity, eating disorders, and the central message of the film: good health always trumps a svelte figure.

Rolling out was the media partner for the screening and guests of the media outlet received complimentary  blue and orange (the official color of Da Bears) sweatshirts.
Photos, video by Zondra Hughes